Welcome to CannabisRx! To streamline our registration process and to ensure accurate and secure transfer of your medical documents, please consider the two options below.

Have You Had a Clinic Appointment?

If you've already had an appointment at a clinic (e.g., at CannaWay Clinics) and received a cannabis medical document, you're almost there. Most clinics will fax your medical document and registration form to CannabisRx following your appointment. Once received your account at CannabisRX will be created automatically and you will receive an e-mail within 1-2 business days notifying you that your account has been set-up and request that you set your own password.

If 1-2 business days have passed since your appointment and you believe your medical clinic has not faxed the necessary documentation to CannabisRx, please contact your clinic and ask that they fax your registration form and medical document directly to us. Once we receive these, we'll create your account within 1-2 business days. Our fax number is: (519) 622-7178.

Transferring your Medical Document or Clinic Won't Fax Your Medical Document?

If your medical clinic hasn't faxed us your cannabis medical document, no problem! You can still get started on your registration. Just click on the button below to create your account manually.

Click Here to Register Manually

Please note that this manual registration will still require the upload of your cannabis medical document as part of the registration process. We're committed to ensuring that all our members' information is secure and accurate.

Should you have any queries or face any difficulties in the registration process, please feel free to reach out to our support team at customercare@cannabisrx.ca.

Thank you for choosing CannabisRx. We look forward to providing you with excellent service.