CBN:CBD Relax Wildberry Soft Chew (30pcs)

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Medical Allotment Reduction: 0.41 Gram(s)

Product Type: Edible

THC Content (Range, Per Unit): 0.2 mg

CBD Content (Range, Per Unit): 15 mg


(*Terpenes are variable and subject to change)

MediPharm Labs CBN:CBD Wildberry Soft Chews contain 7.5mg of CBN and 15mg of CBD per chew. Made using naturally derived, refined CBN material and produced under strict manufacturing standards to ensure the highest quality and purity. Each package contains 30 plant-based chews with thoughtful ingredients and a burst of sweet, berry flavour. A perfect addition to your relaxation routine.
- 7.5mg of CBN per unit
- 15mg of CBD per unit
- 30 soft chews per bottle
- Packaged in FDA-approved medical-grade bottles for a fresh chew every time.

The product image and label are provided for illustrative purposes only. The potency and concentration of this product may vary by batch.